About Us

About Northland Group, RA

Northland Group, ra was founded in 2000 by business professionals with extensive experience in the service industries of real estate, property management, finance, IT, and corporate business organization. As such we understand the importance of customer service and listening to our client's wants and needs to provide the best possible service; guaranteed.

Northland Group, ra was formed out of a need for superior customer service, quality professional management, and sound common sense advice to our clients. We own investment properties ourselves and understand our clients demand an experienced and reputable company to help them obtain the most from their own investment. As a result Northland Group, ra is a growing leader of association management. Every day we apply our experience, insight, intelligence and resources to assist clients in making the most of their investment and community.

In addition to our professional full service association management services, our integrated services of property management and real estate brokerage service round out our business offering. Thus, providing our clients a one stop solution for all their real estate and management needs.

Our motto, "We not only do what is right, we do the right thing" is more than just a phrase, this is what we live and provide to our customers each and every day.