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What is an association management company?

Like many home owners, you want to enjoy your community amenities without the operational or maintenance headaches. This is where Northland Group, ra comes in. Working in conjunction with the association Board of Directors, we take care of all operational and maintenance aspects of a community. We provide all financial service, ensure facilities are operational, property is maintained and all owners questions and concerns are addressed in a timely manner. In other words, we take care of everything in and around your community so you do not have to.

For more information regarding our services see our Association Management page.

Why do I need an association management company?

Most association boards are comprised of owners who volunteer their time. Volunteering on one's association board is usually in addition to a full time job, family and other daily tasks and commitments. This does not leave much time, if any, for leisure activities or to just relax. It is these daily commitments that keep many associations from functioning at their peak. And this is where the Northland Group, ra comes in. We relieve board members and owners of the day-to-day activities and ensure the association is functioning and looking it best.

Why should we choose the Northland Group as our association management company, what makes you different?

This is one of our favorite questions. In addition to carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, the answer is best explained on our About Us page.

You use the word 'VALUE' a lot when talking about your services. What do you mean?

This is a great question. We use the word 'VALUE' to refer to the overall benefit an association receives from our services. In other words, 'VALUE' is a combination of superior customer service, professionalism, breadth of services offered and integration of our 'core values', in relation to a lower cost. While an association may receive one of these elements from someone else, we are the only management company that provides our clients true 'VALUE' all of the time. This is why our 'VALUE' for service is unsurpassed in the industry.

How are property managers assigned to an association?

We do not employ a typical hierarchical business structure and therefore do not have property managers (middlemen). We employ a flat business structure in which an actual partner of the company teams with each association. This business structure assures you will be dealing directly with an invested manager who will be around as long as you need them and knows you and your association inside and out.

How do I obtain a proposal for Northland Group, RA management services?

Please go to our Contact Us page and provide us some information about you, your association and what services you would like us to provide. We will respond to your request right away.

Does Northland Group, RA offer other services that may benefit me, as an owner?

In a word, yes. Along with being a full service association management company, Northland Group, ra is also a full service real estate brokerage. This means we provide property management for owners who would like to lease their home. We also provide professional real estate services for owners looking to buy and/or sell a home. Please contact us, we are happy to help.

Northland Group, RA Administration

What options do I have to pay my dues?

As a customer service oriented company, we make things as easy as possible. Therefore, we have an on-line portal in which owners/tenants can manage their account and dues/rent payments can be made online anytime, anywhere.

What if I have misplaced my CCR's or other association information?

If you have misplaced, lost or just need another copy of any association documents or reports, please go to your on-line portal. All relevant documents are available to you anytime.

Where can I find what our dues and reserves are being used for?

The best place to find this information is by attending your association meetings. Your copy of the meeting minutes and annual budget should also describe how your dues and reserves are being spent. If you do not have any of this information, please go to you on-line portal. All relevant documents are posted there for your convenience.

I hear you're a green company, what does that mean?

We are proud to say we care about our community and our planet. As a "green" business, we work to have a positive impact on the environment and community. We develop and practice business strategies that go beyond regulation and demonstrate commitment to a healthy and sustainable future by adopting principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for ourselves and our clients.

Taking our business green is not just a demonstration of commitment to our environment but an economical business choice as well. As natural resources become more scarce and costly, we reduce our cost of doing business and pass these savings on to our clients.

  • We reduce our paper consumption by:
    • communicating electronically with clients, and all third parties
    • sending and signing documents electronically
    • encouraging electronic payment of dues
    • electronic payment of expenses
  • We reduce costs and our carbon footprint by using home offices thus, eliminating unneeded commuting, and providing our clients increased availability and response times
  • We plan our day to avoid unnecessary driving and idling in peak traffic periods
  • We recycle everything we can
  • We reuse supplies
  • We use soy ink in our printers and recycled paper
  • We buy recycled, re-manufactured and energy efficient materials/products
  • We use and recommend organic landscape materials
  • Our office equipment is solar powered (our net energy costs are almost zero)
  • We make suggestions and encourage our clients to employ "green" practices

"One small step for man..."

Association and Owner Services

Do I need my own insurance if the association has some?

Yes. While the association carries property damage and liability insurance, it does not cover the owner's personal property or damage to items in the unit itself. Therefore, each owner is required by their lender to carry their own insurance. Please consult you insurance agent for the proper coverage and amount of insurance to meet yours and the association's needs.

I would like to lease my unit, do I need to notify anyone?

First, you need to check the association's governing documents, as most associations have defined the number of units allowed to be leased at any given time and any other rules around leasing. If you need a copy of your governing documents please go to your owner portal.

Second, as a courtesy you should notify both the association and the management company. This accomplishes two things. One, the association needs to know you are leasing your unit and verify it is allowed. Two, it lets the association and Northland Group, RA know you are not on the property so we can forward communications and contact you when necessary.

As we are your management company, we would provide property management service at a discount.

I am planning to sell my home, whom should I contact?

It is always a good idea to let the association and Northland Group, ra know when you are planning to sell as there are accounts to be reconciled, automatic payments to be discontinued and information to be transferred. Please refer to your governing documents for any specific requirements.

As Northland Group, ra is a full service real estate brokerage, we would be glad to handle everything related to selling this home and finding you a new one. Since we are your management company, we would provide this service at a discount, saving you thousands of dollars.

What does the management company do for me, as an owner?

Northland Group, RA is here to serve you in anyway we can. In addition to providing all financial and facilities services, Northland Group, RA is the liaison between the owners and the board; providing a single point of contact for any and all questions and issues relating to the association, the property and your individual units.

In addition to volunteering to be a board member, like you, your volunteer board members have jobs and other responsibilities. Therefore, Northland group, RA bridges the gap between owners and board members building a relationship to help maintain a low stress, smooth running and friendlier community.

We have a number of projects (big and small). How do we get them all done?

There are many facets to answering such a question and we would be happy to discuss it at length. Suffice it to say, the Northland Group, RA will handle everything from gathering/evaluating bids, project inception to completion, to your satisfaction, guaranteed. Having taken on almost every kind of of project associated with a residential property, we are very experienced at managing any size project and finding qualified tradesmen to do the job right at the right price.

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